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Artists I've worked with:

The Ramblers are an NYC-based roots / country-rock band fronted by Jeremiah Birnbaum and Scott Stein.

"I'd be willing to bet that a group of ten reviewers would come up with ten different labels for this band. I'm hearing an extended version of Little Feat...with a touch of Bruce, and Tom Petty, and The Band, and some more influences, and, and, and...."

- All About Jazz


                                                     "The real deal" - Glide Magazine

Food Will Win the War is an eclectic indie-folk band based in Brooklyn fronted by Rob Ward with keys, accordion and backing vocals by Scott Stein (and many others).


"Rob Ward of Food Will Win the War develops an intimate relationship with listeners via his celestial pop sounds. The band, which is heavily influenced by Elliott Smith, The Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Pixies, creates lulls and sweet harmonies seemingly made while traveling throughout time and space. Their debut album reveals dreamy pop sounds mixed with complex human emotions." - Interview Magazine

Shanna Zell is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. Scott's keyboard work can be heard in her live band as well as on her latest EP, Coming Undone.


"I get to 'When Will They Meet' and it’s immediately obvious that I have to give myself over to this song...I’m listening to the perfect pop song. I’m at once grinning and nearly overwhelmed with emotion, grateful that I can feel something again."


Joanie Leeds, along with her backing band The Nightlights, are a kiddie-rock favorite in the New York-metro area and across the country, featuring hits on XM/Sirius sattelite radio and performances at the Kennedy Center and New York's Symphony Space.


"Shine a light: There’s nothing better than a rock band for kids that can make grown-ups laugh, and with tunes like 'The Tofurky Song' and 'Mosquitoes,' Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights pull it off." - NY Post

Scott has also had recent appearances and/or collaborations with:

The Jumpers Orchestra

Josh Rzepka

Rachel York

Cantor Alberto Mizrahi

Cantor Meir Finkelstein

Doug Church

Matt Wheeler

Brian Lisik


Tim Ryan Smith - photographer

Robert J Saferstein - photographer, composer

Ian Cinco - videographer

Daniel Mendelson - videographer