NY Times 'Spare Times' recommends a Scott Stein solo show:


Scott Stein & His Well-Groomed Orchestra makes Forces of Geek's "Best of 2011" list:


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"Mr. Stein plays the kind of dirty blues that might help you shed some blues of your own. He's on from 11pm until, in his own words, 'I run outta tunes, the bar closes, or the cops get called.'"


        - TimeOut NY reviews Scott's 2010-2011 Banjo Jim's residency


"For fans of singer songwriters, this introspective album is full of substance. With songs that provoke a variety of emotion, there is probably a song on here that even the most hardened listener could sing, bob their head, or relate to... perfect for singing along"


        - Goldiesays.com (also appeared in Cleveland Independent)



"Songs of struggle, love, lust and regret. No pretense involved. A heartfelt tribute to the joy of music ("Give Me Music") rides alongside a pensive ballad of life's uphill battles—...'I might just write my masterpiece, if I could only get out of bed'—who hasn't felt that? ... but what do they sound like? Like a rock band who knows their history... There are shades of the E Street Band that surface when Scott Stein's piano and keyboards accent things just the right way. It's no wonder that Levon Helm brought them in as his support act."


        - All About Jazz album review of The Ramblers



"Stein's soulful and jazzy vocals gave each track a new, and at times ethereal feel. The way the band segued from heavier rock 'n' roll to soul, country and folk was impressive. One moment the listener felt he was in a small, New Orleans jazz club and the next, Nashville at a dirt-filled honky tonk — no small feat for a band."


        - NY Examiner reviews The Ramblers @ Joe's Pub



"It takes just one listen to Scott Stein to see how heavily influenced the pianist, singer and songwriter is by Elton John, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and Carole King. The bluesy pop melodies of his voice are a nice departure from the revolving door of indie and alternative rock bands that frequent campus bars."


        - The Lantern (Ohio State student newspaper)