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Birthdays and Reunions

Now that the fall is officially upon us (at least the temperatures in Brooklyn have dipped below 70 from time to time), I'm coming up on that time-honored tradition... the birthday gig. Truthfully there's no other way that I'd want to celebrate another trip around the sun than by playing music with close friends. So this one will be THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9 at BAR CHORD, one of my favorite neighborhood hangouts. Besides having the full band with me, I'll have some guest artists (who happen to be longtime friends of mine and with whom I suspect I'll be sitting in). First up will be BRIAN LISIK, stalwart rock n roller from my hometown of Akron, OH. We've known each other since he was sent by a small local paper to cover a show by the band I played with in high school (yup, it's been that long). Since then we've shared the stage numerous times, both around Ohio and in New York. After that, we have the power couple of Abby Ahmad and Mark Marshall, also known as FIFE AND DROM. They play one of the gutsiest, dirtiest brands of blues and boogie I've heard around this fair city. (Can you tell I'm excited for this one?)

Later next month, I'll be playing a one-off with my friends in FOOD WILL WIN THE WAR, a Brooklyn indie-folk collective with whom I played, toured and recorded for several years. I'm excited to re-join the band for a show at the Park Church Co-op, an old Greenpoint church that has hosted some of Brooklyn's best independent artists over the past few years. We'll be dusting off some old tunes and re-working them to suit this acoustically (and visually) stunning space. That happens on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 8 pm (other artists on the bill will be announced soon).

You can get tickets, venue locations and more at the Calendar page.